romanticizing the moments

a little snippet from my journal

when you feel hopeless, open your eyes to the promises that can be found in the contrast between blue sky & white clouds and new plants sprouting from the earth.

tired eyes, tangled hair - 

inhaling, your ribcage expands - a new spark igniting within, radiating light from your very core. 

dancing around the kitchen sipping on prosecco.

drowning in the intoxicating rays of sunshine as they pour through the window panes that line your apartment.

romanticizing the little things in the present moment gifted to you. 

i love the intimacy found in the captured memories flickering on my computer screen. the vulnerability that film accepts wholeheartedly. the words that i could never express, vividly represented in a lucid state of deja vu. tired eyes, tangled hair. sitting criss-cross. frayed hems. sun freckles. nervously picking at your cuticles. two eyes sitting across from you, begging for interlocked contact. raw emotion transcribed through a camera lens- inviting wanderers to feel and see a glimpse of a moment. 

our feelings don't want to haunt us, they just want to be felt. early mornings & late nights, comfort wrapping up each individual moment like a mother tucking her child in for bed. these memories carefully crafting a home that, like a shadow, silently follows you everywhere you go. 

temporal fusion

A Pragmatic Future: temporal fusion after an era of cognitive surplus

We have been built around this notion of time. Stemming from a cognitive surplus there has been this constant drive to fill any spare time. Mindlessly we scroll through Instagram, watch television shows and partake in half-engaged small talk. We are guaranteed nothing but the present moment at hand- an ephemeral promise.

We are in this constant pensive mindset where we are looking to the past as we simultaneously push towards the future. While technology advances, much like the reinvention of old fashion trends (ie. mom jeans), we are finding new ways to authentically integrate the past into the future. We have digital archives, algorithms and programs that allow us to seamlessly access the past, connect it to our present and use it to think critically and pragmatically about the future. As humans, we seek meaning and purpose. So by blurring the constraints of time, we are able to make connections and dig deeper into our foundation. In regards to a pragmatic future- we will see a shift from trying to spend time to a seamless flow between the past and present to create meaning and intention within the progressions into the future.

"Je cherche l'or du temps"

- Andre Breton 

beyond the superficial

The program is finally underway...

The prospectus is invasive, detailed and surprisingly transparent. After grazing over the general course structure, we hopped right into the history of fashion. Our professor, Suzanne Lussier, is extremely well-versed in this area, having worked as a curator, historian and now teacher. She explained that the history of fashion underpins everything we do in the industry. That in order to understand current trends, it is essential to understand the cycles, silhouettes, textures. Where we have been is important in order to comprehend where we are. So: how does the industry relate to other things? What connections tie the art and fashion world into a single work? This ability to think critically about the fashion industry is what Suzanne called, "thinking about fashion beyond the superficial". Focused on the 20th century, we looked at designs that are seen in today's trends. Essentially, since 1969 there has been little shape innovation, but rather revivals of old styles with new patterns, colors etc. The new fabrics, materials and colors are used to create a feeling of new, allowing for innovation in an individual's style. 

What really intrigued me about our first lecture on fashion history, was the purpose behind clothing. Certain silhouettes, colors and textures were intentional. Designers were very aware of the current events and moral obligations specific to their times. In 1915, during World War I, lighter and shorter garments were introduced. Women entering the workforce required pieces of clothing that were easier to move in.

While I could talk about this lecture all day long there was so much more we did during the week. From still life shoots, to lessons in branding and visual communication- the course was exactly what it said it would be: intensive.

On Friday, I ventured solo to Lovebox Musical Festival. I saw sets from Kaytrananda, Mac Miller, Jamie XX and Frank Ocean. The music was absolutely incredible, Frank's set was so well produced. I teared up a little bit. However, the crowd was less than favorable. The amount of drunk teenagers unable to stand was overwhelming... Not to mention the fact that no one really knew the artists playing. Either way, I am grateful to have seen Frank perform. The rest of the weekend was much more laid-back. A few friends and I went to Westminster to explore the landmarks. Evenings were spent in various pubs (where I typically chose to sit in a corner and practice French writing). 

This week we will be working with a photographer to create images that would be found in an ad in a Vogue magazine. I love all of my course mates and am thankful to have such a talented group of individuals to work with!

A bientot xx. 

shenanigans in london

friends! family! anyone else reading this! hello hello! 

In case you were unaware, I am currently living in the heart of London, England for a unique study abroad opportunity. Starting July, 10 I will be a student at Conde Nast School of Fashion & Design. This intensive program will delve into the world of British Vogue, giving me an industry look into the world of fashion (something I know very little about). I am living with a lovely roommate in a small studio space in Covent Square Garden. 

I am not much of a writer, but I figured this would be a wonderful platform for me to share my experiences & keep my family informed of my shenanigans. 

I'm so excited for this journey & thankful to bring you digital people along with me. 

- clara (july 9, 10:16 pm)