temporal fusion

A Pragmatic Future: temporal fusion after an era of cognitive surplus

We have been built around this notion of time. Stemming from a cognitive surplus there has been this constant drive to fill any spare time. Mindlessly we scroll through Instagram, watch television shows and partake in half-engaged small talk. We are guaranteed nothing but the present moment at hand- an ephemeral promise.

We are in this constant pensive mindset where we are looking to the past as we simultaneously push towards the future. While technology advances, much like the reinvention of old fashion trends (ie. mom jeans), we are finding new ways to authentically integrate the past into the future. We have digital archives, algorithms and programs that allow us to seamlessly access the past, connect it to our present and use it to think critically and pragmatically about the future. As humans, we seek meaning and purpose. So by blurring the constraints of time, we are able to make connections and dig deeper into our foundation. In regards to a pragmatic future- we will see a shift from trying to spend time to a seamless flow between the past and present to create meaning and intention within the progressions into the future.

"Je cherche l'or du temps"

- Andre Breton