romanticizing the moments

a little snippet from my journal

when you feel hopeless, open your eyes to the promises that can be found in the contrast between blue sky & white clouds and new plants sprouting from the earth.

tired eyes, tangled hair - 

inhaling, your ribcage expands - a new spark igniting within, radiating light from your very core. 

dancing around the kitchen sipping on prosecco.

drowning in the intoxicating rays of sunshine as they pour through the window panes that line your apartment.

romanticizing the little things in the present moment gifted to you. 

i love the intimacy found in the captured memories flickering on my computer screen. the vulnerability that film accepts wholeheartedly. the words that i could never express, vividly represented in a lucid state of deja vu. tired eyes, tangled hair. sitting criss-cross. frayed hems. sun freckles. nervously picking at your cuticles. two eyes sitting across from you, begging for interlocked contact. raw emotion transcribed through a camera lens- inviting wanderers to feel and see a glimpse of a moment. 

our feelings don't want to haunt us, they just want to be felt. early mornings & late nights, comfort wrapping up each individual moment like a mother tucking her child in for bed. these memories carefully crafting a home that, like a shadow, silently follows you everywhere you go.