Personal Work


Burning Out Music Video for BRYCE, 2016

Creative director, filmmaker and editor for musician Bryce Gilbertson’s music video off of her electronic pop EP. This involved making a shot list, working closely with the artist, organizing shoot dates, filming, editing and promoting the release of the video, “Burning Out”. It currently has over 41,000 views on YouTube and has been featured in various digital platforms and several print articles. 


Tulsa American Film Festival Internship, 2015-2016

Ran all social media accounts for the Tulsa American Film Festival for promotional purposes and helped coordinate screenings by working with filmmakers and local venues. Creative director for the mini-documentary, John Hammer Pop Impressionist. The film highlights the talent of John Hammer and the creative genius behind all promotional materials used by Tulsa American Film Festival.


Short Film, 2016

Filmed at the Lil Sahara in Oklahoma.


Rocky Mountain National Park

My favorite footage to capture.


What does it mean to be passionate?

Video that highlights previous projects I have made. I was selected, due to this video, through the for-profit organization Love Your Melon to visit Beaver, Utah for a conference with 119 other students across the U.S.


20 Days 20 Creatives: Clara Ard

An interview in which I discuss my creative process.